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Review: Chris Cain delivers blues at Bandshell Concert Series

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Dear Chris Cain,
I'm writing to you from Mannington, WV. Recently, I watched a performance at the Thunderbird Cafe in Pittsburgh, PA. After these many months, I'm still overwhelmed by your ability to convey ideas through music. It's a beautiful thing to watch. Since the performance, I've obtained every CD you've put out. Even those that are no longer in print sit proudly on my shelf. I really don't have a purpose for writing this email other than to thank you for being kind to me after the show. You signed my red stratocaster, posed for pictures, and gave me your pick. I'm surprised someone with your talent acts in such a humble manner. It was an example for others to follow. I pray you continue playing for many years to come. More than likely, you'll never see this don't strike me as a computer junkie. Nevertheless, I write in hopes that you'll read this and feel a sense of accomplishment. Your hard work in music doesn't go unnoticed.

- Bo

Not since my very first concert, Albert King at the old Fillmore in SF, have I been moved so much by an artist. You are truly "the real thing." So much soul, dynamics and musicianship and a humble person all rolled into one human being - you are amazing. To do what you do, is a gift you give to every person in your audience. And I'm sure you are fully present at every single juke-joint and sketchy bar club that you get booked to play. My girlfriend and I were completely knocked out by your playing and singing, and what a band! You and Dave Matthews have some incredible chops between the two of you. Thanks again for a show we will never forget and PLEASE come back to the Front Range of Colorado soon.
Best in the Blues, Steve Eckert, Boulder

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Chris Cain, a master of blues guitar, blues vocals, blues keyboards and blues vocals! Blues guitar at it's finest, a must see. Check out Chris Cain at your local blues club. It he's not on the bill, tell the owner you want to see him now!
Cain playin blues guitar at Buddy's club in Chi town

Hey Chris,
Thanks a ton for a FANTASTIC show at Buddy's club last weekend here in Chi town. You were amazing as usual and I'm so glad I stayed for the final set, I could not get enough. I was sitting right in front shooting pictures all night. I got some great shots of you doin your thing for all us nice people as you say. Again thanks for a great night of blues, I love your style and wish you much success and safe travels. Hopefully I'll get back to NoCal some day soon, I really love the Bay area, it wasn't home for quite long enough.
Peace, Mark Mahar

Photo by Mark Mahar

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